1. A few notes

There is a status page for Rabo OmniKassa on www.rabobank.nl/omnikassa-actueel,
please bookmark it and refer to it when you are encountering issues. 
LET OP ccOmniKassa now integrated into cciDEAL, use cciDEAL for all websites. READ MORE

This explanation if only in Dutch because ccOmniKassa and cciDEAL are products for the Dutch market. 

We hebben ccOmniKassa samengevoegd met cciDEAL, zodat cciDEAL nu Rabo OmniKassa ondersteunt. We hopen dat het samenvoegen van de twee extensies de snelheid van ontwikkeling en innovatie in cciDEAL zal verhogen. Alle ccOmniKassa klanten kunnen cciDEAL 4.x en latere versies downloaden zo lang als hun abonnement voor ccOmniKassa actief is. ccOmniKassa klanten kunnen natuurlijk met een (automatische) korting cciDEAL aanschaffen. Wij zijn begonnen met deze conversie in mei 2014 en hij is nu afgerond. Vanaf heden ondersteunen wij alleen Rabo OmniKassa in cciDEAL en niet langer ccOmniKassa. Voor vragen kunt u een support email aanmaken. 

Waarom updaten?
Nu al ondersteunt cciDEAL veel gevraagde en meer functies dan ccOmniKassa, onder andere:

  • verschillende betaalmethoden aanmaken voor Rabo OmniKassa in Virtuemart en HikaShop
  • ondersteuning voor nieuwe Rabo OmniKassa betaalmethoden zoals MisterCash en V Pay 
  • belangrijke verbeteringen op basis van API veranderingen bij Rabo OmniKassa
  • installeer en update iDEAL plugins direct vanuit "Integraties" direct in de Joomla! administrator
  • verbeterde ondersteuning voor RSJoomla! extensies zoals RSForm Pro, RSMembership en RSDirectory etc.

Hoe updaten?
Updaten is eenvoudig, het kan in 5 minuten afgerond zijn! installeer cciDEAL in de huidige site, copy/paste de OmniKassa instellingen naar cciDEAL en integreer dan de cciDEAL integratie plugin met de Joomla! extensie die je gebruikt. Kies daarvoor op onderstaande link de correcte handleiding:



2. Getting account details

To configure your Rabo OmniKassa account in cciDEAL, you need these details:

  • Merchant ID (called Account ID in cciDEAL) - sent to you by the bank and also viewable on the Rabo OmniKassa download page
  • Key version (called Sub ID in cciDEAL) - created on the Rabo OmniKassa download page
  • Secret Key (called Private Key in cciDEAL) - created on the Rabo OmniKassa download page
The Rabobank also has an optional manual for the Rabo OmniKassa Download page!

So, to collect the Key version and Secret Key, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Rabo OmniKassa download page https://download.omnikassa.rabobank.nl/
  2. To login use the username and password you received from the Rabobank
  3. If you logged in for the first time, you will need to change your password, just follow those steps on your screen now
  4. After changing your password, click on "Geheime sleutels" in the top right blue button
  5. In the new page, section "Geheime sleutels: informatie webwinkel" add any information that is empty
  6. If do not know your Merchant ID, it can be found here also (also called Winkel-ID)
  7. In section "Lijst van geheime sleutels", there are probably no secret keys at the moment
  8. In section "Genereren geheime sleutel", click on the button "Vragen om genereren" and confirm in the pop-up
  9. It can take some time for the Secret Key to generate. After 5 minutes refresh the page if its not created yet. If it takes longer then 5 minutes feel free to do something else and come back after a few hours. 
  10. When the Secret Key is generated, it is shown in section "Lijst van geheime sleutels", and it should be activated (Actief = Ja)
  11. From column "Versie" write down the Key version number
  12. From column "Sleutel" copy the Secret Key (you can use the copy to clipboard icon next to it)
  13. Tip: you might want to save the Key version and Secret Key on a secure location (in your computer backups)


The Rabo OmniKassa Dashboard can be used to view payments, process refunds, export data and more. 

3. Configuring cciDEAL

With the collected details you can now continue to configure cciDEAL.

Rabo OmniKassa has a few test details you can use on any website for testing. You DO NOT have to copy these to cciDEAL, because we have hardcoded them into cciDEAL, and they will be automatically used when you set Rabo OmniKassa to "test". So just enter your production details into the correct fields as described below. 

  • Account ID or MerchantID: 002020000000001
  • Private Key or Secret Key: 002020000000001_KEY1
  • Sub ID or Key Version: 1

For the steps below you need to be logged into the administrator of the Joomla! website. 

  1. Go to the cciDEAL configuration under Components > cciDEAL > Configuration.  
  2. Inside Configuration at the General Settings select "Yes" at "Enable iDEAL"
  3. Under "Account" select "Rabo OmniKassa" in the dropdown
  4. Select "Test" at "Account status"
  5. Enter the Rabo OmniKassa production account details
    1. Merchant ID should go in field "Account ID"
    2. Key Version should go in field "Sub ID"
    3. Secret Key should go in field "Private Key"
  6. For some integrations (the extensions you want to use should already be installed!) a new section "Payment method names" will become visible. An explanation can be found at the top of that section, but basically it's an easy way to change the list of supported payment methods shown to customers in the site during checkout. 
After you sent the contract to the Rabobank, you received an e-mail from the Rabobank. When Rabo OmniKassa is completely implemented you need to reply to that email, this is what Rabobank calls the "go-live mail".

The Rabobank has a manual for the Rabo OmniKassa Dashboard which you should definitely read to be familiar with the options for managing transactions etc. 

cciDEAL will update the payment status in the website even if your customer does not return to the website after payment (if he closes the browser too soon). But the Virtuemart confirmation e-mail will then not be sent, due to limitations in Rabo OmniKassa (not in cciDEAL!). We will try to find a work around in a future version of cciDEAL. 


4. Testing payments

  1. After configuring cciDEAL with your account details, go to the site and place a test payment. Feel free to do as many test payments as you wish, testing any payment methods, products, currencies etc. 
  2. If you are satisfied with the tests, go back to Components > cciDEAL > Configuration
  3. Select "Production" under the "Account" section
  4. Complete one real payment (where you actually pay yourself)
  5. If the real payment is successful (check payment status in cciDEAL and third party extensions you use), Rabo OmniKassa is now implemented!