For ABN AMRO Easy there is no automatic order status update! This is a limitation placed by the bank, not by cciDEAL Platform. For this account the bank wants you to check the payment status of the order in your bank account, the iDEAL dashboard or with the official e-mail sent by the bank!

1. Checking the domain name

Before you go any further please read this: For ABN AMRO Easy it's very important that the domain name, where the iDEAL payments are requested, is 100% equal to the domain name that's known with ABN AMRO in there system. If this is not the case you will get the following error: unknown order/1/r/

To request the right domain name you have to contact the ABN AMRO iDEAL Helpdesk. You can find the phone number of the ABN AMRO iDEAL Helpdesk on your iDEAL contract. You need to ask them the domain name that's known in there system. Don't forget to write down the complete domain name, for example: 

Important rules to know and follow:

  • Is your domain name with or without www? Example: Like this or this
  • Do you have more domain names? Use the domain name where your customers visit the website or where they make there orders.
  • Do you use the right domain name extension? Do you use .nl, .com or .eu for example?

When you know the exact domain name that's known by the ABN AMRO you have to be sure that the domain name, where your customers make there iDEAL payments, is exactly the same domain name known by the ABN AMRO.

What you have to do:

  • With for example a .htaccess file you can redirect the domain name without www to the domain name with www. Check the link for an explanation:
  • When you have more domain names that you use you'll need to use it as alias or use a 301 redirection to transfer the traffic to the domain name known by the ABN AMRO

When the domain name where your customers do there iDEAL payments is 100% the same as the domain name known by the ABN AMRO, you should not get the "Unknown order/1/r/" error anymore. If this is the case than you can go on with the configuration of ABN AMRO Easy. 

2. Configuring ABN AMRO Easy

  1. Go to the administrator of the Joomla! website
  2. Once you are logged in, go to Components > cciDEAL Platform > Configuration
  3. Select at the Global Configuration section by Enable "Yes"
  4. Select at the iDEAL Account section by iDEAL account "ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy"
  5. Now also fill in the requested info at the iDEAL Account and Global Configuration section
  6. Now click on "Save"
  7. Fill in the PSPID at the iDEAL Account section
  8. Now click on "Save"
  9. The ABN AMRO bank do not have a iDEAL Easy Dashboard available.

3. Error codes for ABN AMRO Easy

This is a list of error that you might receive when using ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy

  • unknown order/1/r: This error occurs when the order comes from a different page than is know by the bank. For example the bank thinsk the URL is but in reality it is without the www. This issue also occurs when the the http or https in front of the URL are mixed up. Please call the bank (020 3832494) and make sure they have the correct URL. 
  • unknown order/1/s: This error occurs when the SHASign given in the hiddenfields does not match the generated SHAstring Ogone.
  • unknown order/0/s: This error occurs when the SHASign field in the hiddenfields is empty, but appears to have been completed under TechnicalInformation - paragraphs 3.2 and 4.4.
  • PSPID not found or not active: This error occurs when the value entered does not exist within the PSPID Ogone or not yet activated.
  • no (for instance: no PSPID): This error occurs when empty.
  • too long (for instance: currency too long): This error occurs when the value is too long.
  • Amount too long or not numeric ... OR Amount not a number: This error occurs when the Amount value is too long or contains incorrect characters such as,(comma) or. (point).
  • not a valid currency: This error occurs when the specified currency is wrong or does not exist.
  • The currency is not accepted by the merchant: This error occurs when the specified currency was not specified if desired currency under Configuration -Subscription - Page 4: Coins.
  • ERROR, NOT FOUND FOR PAYMENT METHOD: This error occurs whenthe specified PM (payment method) does not match a set of payment options(Configuration - payment).