The latest test of our iDEAL integration was with ccInvoices 1.9.x. The fastest and easiest way to implement iDEAL is to use a ccInvoices version as close to the above as possible. We will regularly test cciDEAL Platform with new ccInvoices versions. 
  1. First install ccInvoices in the Joomla! website and make sure it is configured correctly. 
  2. Then download the latest cciDEAL Platform version (at least version 4) from our downloads section, and install it in Joomla!.
  3. In the Joomla! administrator go to Components > cciDEAL Platform > Integrations
  4. Under "Actions" use the "Install" button to install the ccInvoices iDEAL integration
  5. After installing the integration, under "Status" make sure the plugin is published
  6. The iDEAL plugin is now enabled. You can configure your bank/PSP account in the corresponding chapter of the cciDEAL Platform manual.
After you configured your bank/PSP account and have done a payment, you can view the invoice status in Components > ccInvoices > Invoices. You can also view the payment status in the cciDEAL Platform payment overview page.