In this section we will explain the integration for ING Basic and Rabobank Lite. For the steps below you need to be logged into the back-end of your website and in the "cciDEAL Platform :: Configuration".

For ING Basic/Rabobank Lite there is no automatic order status update! This is a limitation placed by the bank, not by cciDEAL Platform. For this account the bank wants you to check the payment status of the order in your bank account, the iDEAL dashboard or with the official e-mail sent by the bank!

1. Configuration of cciDEAL

  1. Go to Components > cciDEAL
  2. Inside Configuration at the General Settings select "Yes" at Enable iDEAL
  3. In the iDEAL Account section select the iDEAL account type at iDEAL account
  4. Select "Test" at iDEAL account status
  5. Type the (Acceptant ID, Merchant ID etc) provided by your bank in the iDEAL ID field
  6. When you're done click on the "Save" button in the top right of your screen
  7. To obtain your private key you need to log-in to the Test Dashboard ( of the ING or Rabobank
  8. You can find the code at the "Sleutel" or "Hashcode" field. 
  9. You can ignore the "Parameters" and do not have to fill in any of the URLs!
  10. When you filled in the private key in cciDEAL Platform, click on the "Save" button again
  11. You can now fill in the other information needed at the website of your bank and then transmit the form.

2. Complete the required test payments

ING and Rabobank require that you complete 7 test payments of €1, €2, €3, €4, €5, €6 and €7 euros on the iDEAL test server, to verify that your cciDEAL Platform is setup correctly. Note that each test will have a different status/result, and some will have an error. This is normal! The test results are: 

  • Test 1 - Success
  • Test 2 - Cancelled
  • Test 3 - Expired
  • Test 4 - Open
  • Test 5 - Failure
  • Test 6 - Directory request (Success)
  • Test 7 - Format error

To do these tests, you need to create an menu-item in the front-end of your website to the "testing interface" in which you will preform these 7 test. To create a menu-item, please follow all steps here below. If you know how to make a menu-item to the "testing interface" than please proceed from step 4. 

  1. Go to Joomla! Administrator > Menus > Main Menu and click on "New" in the top right of your screen
  2. Select "Test Form" at the cciDEAL Platform section for the "Menu item type"
  3. Fill in the "Menu Title", for example "iDEAL Test Form" and click on "Save & Close" in the top right of your screen
  4. Go to Components > cciDEAL Platform > iDEAL account, and set "iDEAL account status" to "Test"
  5. Go to the front-end of your website and go to the "iDEAL Test Form" you just created to perform the first test
  6. Open the iDEAL test dashboard (ING or Rabobank), and go to Aanmeldproces > Status. You can view the status of the iDEAL test payments here. When the first test is successful, it should have a green tick (groen vinkje) symbol.
  7. You can ignore the "Parameters" and do not have to fill in any of the URLs!
  8. Proceed now with the other remaining tests.
  9. Open the iDEAL test dashboard (ING or Rabobank), and go to Aanmeldproces > Status, and make sure all tests have a green tick (groen vinkje). 
  10. You can ignore the "Parameters" and do not have to fill in any of the URLs!
  11. If all tests are completed correctly, you will need to wait until the bank accepts your test results and activates your iDEAL account. This can take up to 24 hours (on week days). The bank will e-mail you when they have activated your account. If you did not receive an e-mail after 2 days, send a support email in the Rabobank Dashboard or e-mail ING at .

3. Switching to production

  1. After testing and receiving the e-mail, you will need to login to the Production dashboard (
    1.  Under "Aanmeldproces" and "Configuratie" tab, make sure the private key is the same as in the test dashboard. 
    2. Under "Aanmeldproces" and "Activering" tab, click the "Activeren" button
  2. Go back to cciDEAL Platform and select "Production" at iDEAL account status
  3. Make a real payment to test everything works!