Yes, but some custom coding is involved. If you are not experienced with coding HTML, PHP and MySQL, you will need to search for a Joomla! developer that can implement this for you. We don't take custom projects. You can either look for a Joomla! developer on,, or

ccInvoices 1.2.0 and higher

In ccInvoices 1.2 you can create your own Joomla! plugins to add new tags to ccInvoices templates, or manipulate the calculations or appearance of existing tags. By creating a Joomla! plugin, you will not be hacking ccInvoices, so your custom tags should keep working when you upgrade to a newer ccInvoices version. 

function _getCustomTags($val){      $op_val['newtag'] = "new Tag";      return $op_val;}
  • In this case $val is an array, and $val['id'] can be used to get a certain invoice.
  • You can add a new tag with code:
  • And the, when you add the tag {extra_name}, you will get the output "John".
  • Off course, best is not to add tags to the example plugin (which will be overwritten when you upgrade ccInvoices), but to use them to create separate Joomla! plugins yourself!