Items are products or services you bill to your contacts. If you bill an invoice item more then once, consider adding it to the items database under Components > ccInvoices > Items. You can then easily re-use the default information from an item in future invoices. You can always change the default item information for a specific invoice. 

Items are a group of fields with this information: 

  • ID: This is an internal item ID you can use yourself for your administration. This is an optional field. 
  • Qty: The default quantity of the products/services provided to the contact
  • Item name: A short description of the product/service provided to the contact
  • Description: A very short description explaining the product or service. 
  • Price excl. tax: The price, excluding VAT/taxes
  • Tax %: The tax percentage that applies to the item. Taxes can be configured in the Configuration of ccInvoices

To add items from the items database into invoices, use the "Add existing item" button in the Invoice edit view.