You can manager contacts (companies or individuals you send invoices to) under Components > ccInvoices > Contacts.

New contacts can be created in the contacts section (Components > ccInvoices > Contacts > New) or directly in the invoice section (Components > ccInvoices > Invoices > New > right box "Contacts"). Contacts will be saved to a separate database, so you can re-use the contact information if you want to send the contact another invoice in the future. 

A contact has the following fields. The fields function is explained in ccInvoices itself. Just open the contacts section and use your mouse to hover over the field label, a tooltip explaining the field will appear. 

  • Contact name
  • Contact person
  • Contact number
  • Address
  • Tax ID
  • E-mail (multiple e-mail addresses can be added separated by a comma)

How do contacts and Joomla! users relate?

ccInvoices does not see Joomla! users as entities that you can send an invoice to. We have developed this a lot more flexible. Contacts in ccInvoices are not Joomla! users. Contacts are your customers in ccInvoices (which can be an individual or company with multiple employees).

Joomla! users are always one single person, with one e-mail address, a username etc. That is how Joomla! intends it.

So how we developed contact/user functionality in ccInvoices, is that you create a contact (with a company/contact name, an address etc), and then can connect one (or multiple) Joomla! users to that contact with the "Users" icon. 


Video: adding Joomla! users to a contact

This short video shows you:

  • How I open an invoice via Components > ccInvoices > Invoices > Edit invoice
  • Select "Users" button in the "Contact" box
  • Select "Add Existing User" and with one click add users to the contact
  • Select "Create New User" and create (and send) new account details to

You do not have to "Add Existing User" and "Create New User" every single time, it's OK to only create a new user or only add an existing user. You can also add Joomla! users to ccInvoices contacts via Components > ccInvoices > Contacts > Edit Contact. Once a user is added to a contact, the user can view all invoices connected to that contact in the site.