Since ccNewsletter 2.0 there is an integration with HikaShop, where you can show a "Subscribe to our newsletter" checkbox during checkout in your HikaShop store. To activate this checkbox, follow the next steps. 

  1. Install HikaShop and ccNewsletter into Joomla! first, if you have not already. The integration plugin will be installed together with the ccNewsletter package.
  2. Login to Joomla! and go to Extensions > Plugin manager
  3. In the search field enter "ccnewsletter" and submit
  4. You should now see a plugin called "HikaShop - ccNewsletter integration", open it
  5. Make sure the status is "Enabled"
  6. Change the default texts to your liking and click "Save"
  7. Now order a product in HikaShop, you should see the ccNewsletter checkbox!