1. The batch settings

Before you send a newsletter, you need to check and make sure the "Batch settings" match your server email limitations. There is a very detailed explanation of how to configure the batch settings in the ccNewsletter configuration itself (inline documentation). Make sure you are using the latest ccNewsletter version and then refer to that inline documentation under Components > ccNewsletter > Configuration > Batch settings. If you encounter issues or have questions about this part of the configuration please read the rest of this section. If that does not help, please feel free to contact us

By default ccNewsletter will send your newsletter via the same mail settings you use for Joomla!. You can check what your current mail settings are via System > Global Configuration > Server > Mail Settings. The default settings (if you do not know what you are doing) should be:

  • Send mail: Yes
  • Mailer: PHP Mail
  • From email: any real email address from the website you are on
  • From Name: preferably the name of the website you are on
  • Disable Mass Mail: any setting, this setting is not relevant to ccNewsletter

Now, as explained in the ccNewsletter configuration, you should ask your hoster what the e-mail limitations on your server are and "translate" them to the correct batch settings in ccNewsletter. If you decide that the e-mail limitations of your hoster are too strict, you can decide to send your newsletters via an (paid) external SMTP provider. A few well known providers are: Amazon SES, MandrillAuthSMTPSMTP.comturboSMTP and SendGrid. You can configure their SMTP details in the Joomla! mail settings under System > Global Configuration > Server > Mail Settings. 

2. The newsletter sending process

To send a newsletter from the newsletter overview or new/edit view, click the "Send" button in the top right toolbar. You can also use the "Test" button to send a test email to the email address configured in the ccNewsletter configuration. The below video shows you the entire process.

Step 1: Confirmation

When you click the send button, you will see a information box that shows you information about hosting companies and newsletter policies they might have. When you understand the information and see no possible issues, you can either click "YES" if you have no groups configured in ccNewsletter, or if you have enabled groups, select the group you want to send this newsletter to in the dropdown, and then click "YES". The groups dropdown will only be shown if you have groups that are enabled and have at least one subscriber in ccNewsletter.

Step 2: Sending

When "YES" is clicked, you are sent to the "Sending" page and the sending process starts. Do not close the new screen until the newsletter is sent to all subscribers. During sending you will see the actual process that is being made: how long does a batch take, when does the next batch start, how many emails are already sent and more! The green area shows you, in real time, how many people have already viewed your newsletter!

Step 3: Sent successfully

A message will be clearly shown when all emails are sent. The "Details" section shows you what newsletter was just sent and to how many subscribers. At the bottom the "Did it work?" section has a link to this newsletters report. The report is constantly updated when new people view the newsletter. Click that link or go to Components > ccNewsletter > Reports later to track the success of your newsletter.