You can view all newsletter subscribers under Components > ccNewsletter > Subscribers.

If you do not need to segment your subscribers into different groups, then don't! ccNewsletter will work perfectly even without using groups, so that functionality can just be ignored if not needed. 

Subscribers overview

Toolbar options

  • New: create a new subscriber
  • Edit: edit an existing subscriber
  • Delete: remove a subscriber from the ccNewsletter database
  • Enabled: enable a subscriber, he will receive newsletters
  • Disabled: disable a subscriber, he will not receive any newsletters. Subscribers that unsubscribe from the newsletter will also be disabled, not removed. 
  • User Sync.: synchronize all the Joomla! users in the site with the ccNewsletter component. This is a one-way sync, Joomla! users are added to ccNewsletter, not removed!

Subscribers table

Above the table, apart from the default filter/search:

  • The first dropdown can be used to show only the enabled or only the disabled subscribers
  • The second dropdown can be used to show all subscribers or subscribers from a certain group
  • The "Subscriber statistics" button allows you to quickly view the total amount of subscribers in ccNewsletter, and the amount of enabled and disabled subscribers.

The subscribers table itself contains:

  • Subscriber Name: if available the name of the subscriber. Either entered by you, the subscriber in the site module or taken from the Joomla! user database if the subscriber is also a Joomla! user.
  • Subscriber Username: if available the username of the subscriber. Taken from the Joomla! user database if the subscriber is also a Joomla! user.
  • Subscriber Email: the email address of the subscriber where the newsletter will be sent to.
  • Groups: any newsletter groups the subscriber is added to. Every subscriber is always added to the default "all subscribers" group. Groups can be changed in the "New/edit subscriber view"
  • Subscribed date: the date the subscriber was added to the database. 
  • Status: enable or disable a subscriber. Subscribers will only receive newsletters if they is enabled. Subscribers that unsubscribe from the newsletter will also be disabled, not removed. 
  • Action: quick action buttons to edit the subscriber or delete the subscriber from the database


You can use the filter "Select group" dropdown (on your right in Joomla! 3) to select "Unassigned subscribers" to view all subscribers that have not been added to a group. 


Batch processing subscribers

There is a batch processing tool for adding and removing subscribers from groups. It will only be visible if there is at least one extra group apart from the default "all subscribers" group. It is off course not logical to batch process subscribers in groups if there is only one group!

To process subscribers: 

  • In the subscribers table select one of multiple subscribers
  • In the batch process area, select the group you want to manipulate
  • Select the action you want to take, either add selected subscribers to the above group or remove them from it
  • Click "Process"
  • The subscribers are now added or removed from the selected group

New/edit subscriber view

Apart from the default Joomla! options (Save, Save & Close etc), you can enter the subscribers name and email address. You can define if a subscriber is enabled (receives newsletters) or not. In the second section you can select which groups the subscriber should be part of (if you use the groups at all). A subscriber can be added to multiple groups.

How are subscribers added, disabled or removed? 

Subscribers can be added in a few different ways:

Subscribes can be disabled/unsubscribed: