To access the ccNewsletter configuration:

  • Go to the administrator of the Joomla! website
  • Once you are logged in, go to Components > ccNewsletter > Configuration
  • Start entering your preferred settings. You can hover over the text to get an explanation of each setting.

Sender Settings

  • From Name for Email: Specify the name of the sender. For example: the name of your website's newsletter, "Fred's Magazine", "Company Digest" etc.
  • From Email Address for Email: Specify the Email Address of the sender. Example: .
  • Email Address for Test Email: Specify the Email Address used for test mails of the newsletter. This is mostly your own e-mail address. Example: .

Batch Settings

There is a very detailed explanation of how to configure the batch settings in the ccNewsletter configuration itself (inline documentation). Make sure you are using the latest ccNewsletter version and then refer to that inline documentation under Components > ccNewsletter > Configuration > Batch settings. If you encounter issues or have questions about this part of the configuration please have a look at the "Sending a newsletter and batch settings" chapter of the manual. 

Email Settings

  • Extended email validation: Validate whether the email is available on the domain server or not. This extra check will really try to contact that e-mail address before adding it to the ccNewsletter subscribers list. But because that e-mail address might be on a slow server, this process can take some time, and the subscriber might experience that as your website being "slow". 
  • Embedded Images: Specify if you want to embed the images in the newsletter or not.

Acknowledgement Settings

  • Acknowledgement: Specify if you want to send an email to any customer that subscribes/unsubscribe.
  • Send e-mail to synced users: Specify if you want to send subscription emails to synced users from your
    Joomla! user's database.
  • Subscribe email: Specify if you want to send a subscription confirmation email to every new subscriber.
  • Unsubscribe confirmation: Specify if you want to send an unsubscribe confirmation email to any
    un-subscribed user.

Subscription Page

  • Enable math captcha: Specify if you want to use the math captcha against spam or not.
  • Enable unsubscribe button: Specify if you want to show a unsubscribe button on the subscription page.

Other Settings

  • Date Format: You can specify the date format used in your Newsletter. To see examples use the link to:
  • Synchronize all user's: If yes, all the users available on the site no matter whether the user is approved or not,
    will be synchronized.