ccNewsletter Joomla! newxletter componentccNewsletter users, I believe we owe you an apology. In Twitter terms: "2009 was ccNewsletter #FAIL". Lets look back (not too long), and then forward to our plans for the future of ccNewsletter. Because, yes, we want to make it up to you. 


Last week I modified this website's homepage to show the below qoute:

Smart extensions, well documented and supported, that's Chill Creations.

Well, that is only partly true. For cciDEAL this is true (our first commercial extension), but not for ccNewsletter. In 2009 we handled the support, documentation and development of ccNewsletter with a lower priority, quality and enthusiasm because "ccNewsletter is a free and unsupported extension". But, I have come to realize, among others, that this will set all the wrong expectations for our other, commercial, extensions, and is not fair to you, our beloved users. 

So, in 2010 we will treat ccNewsletter and other non-commercial extensions, just like we treat our commercial extensions.

I have visualized that goal in the below image, and I hope you will be just as enthusiastic about it as we are!
More detailed information about our plans will follow soon.